Audio Storytelling

This studio course offers an introduction to audio storytelling across genres. Students receive hands-on instruction in the foundations of narrative audio production, including vocal delivery, writing for the ear, interviewing, editing, and sound design. We experiment with a range of short audio genres—"Moth"-style live storytelling, audio documentary, and audio fiction—through both individual and collaborative projects. Class sessions include a blend of discussion, workshops, and hands-on production activities with professional audio kits and software. 

ENGWRT 1450 / Fall 2016, Spring 2018

The Multimedia Essay

This studio course explores the contemporary craft of the essay across media. Throughout the semester, students read, listen to, view, and discuss a range of creative essayistic texts in a range of genres—from journalistic photo essays, to personal audio essays, to lyric video essays—and try out these forms for themselves through a series of audiovisual writing projects. Class sessions include a blend of discussion, workshops, and hands-on production activities using photo/audio/video editing software from Adobe Creative Cloud. 

ENGWRT 1451 / Spring 2017, Fall 2018

Digital Nonfiction Workshop (MFA)

In this exploratory workshop, we consider how words can be combined with and interpreted through sounds and images to create rich multi-sensory narratives. Through a mix of discussion, workshops, and hands-on production activities, students come away with a set of technical and conceptual tools for translating their writing into a range of audiovisual genres, while considering how their encounters with these media might, in turn, inform and enrich their craft as writers in traditional textual forms.

ENGWRT 2310: Graduate Nonfiction Workshop / Spring 2017

Listening to Audio Genres (MFA)

In a twist on the traditional graduate "readings" course, this "listenings" course explores the present-day landscape of narrative podcasting against the backdrop of 20th-century radio greats. Students are exposed to a variety of audio styles and genres, including narrative journalism, personal essays, non-narrated documentaries, and serial (non)fiction. Through discussion, critical writing, and creative imitation, we'll use these born-audio stories to reimagine the possibilities of our writing—whether it’s for the ear or for the page.

ENGWRT 2390: Readings in Contemporary Nonfiction / Fall 2017